Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday Must Haves #12 - Better Late Than Never Edition!

So, I totally legit had this all planned to write out yesterday but then my assistant manager got sick so I had to go into work (boo!) when it was totes supposed to be my day off and then I had to talk to my boy in the evening (yay!) so I kinda didn't get time to post.

*takes a breath*

Since it was my birthday on Friday *woo for being 23!* I was really lucky and got lots of lovely pretty things from my awesome family, my wonderful boy and my rad bestie.  I had a bumper stationary year, with *TWO* sets of Sharpies, an awesome set of 25-different-colours Stabilo .88 pens, pencils, notebooks, origami papers, erasers, a sketch pad, some twisty colouring pencils and so many other little bits and bobs!  I am *such* a lucky girl!  Big thank yous!

Now, however, I'm just a little bit running out of space to house it all!  I can't wait to move so I can finally lug all my stuff out, have a good sort and get it all nicely put away into our new place, but I'm in desperate need of some beautiful storage.  These are the things that caught my eye this week!

Pink Vintage Breadbox Shabby French Storage
This is about twenty different kinds of gorgeous!  I want to put in on a desk, next to a sewing machine and put all my little bits and pieces away inside it; you know all those things you're always using and don't want to *put* put away because you'll need them again?  Perfect storage solution!

Confetti Recipe Box--Trinket/Keepsake/Storage
♥ Tragedy of tragedies, all the gorgeous pens I got for my b-day don't have a home!  I do have a pencil case but it's sorely lacking in pencil space and I think it'd be pretty neato to have a pencil box instead!  And I love the colours, it's cute as heck!

Modern Children's Bookcase and Book Display

♥ Okay, so it's not all that jazzy to look at (I'm thinking awesome make-over project) but I saw this and thought it would be *perfect* for storing all my cards and papers!  Once glance and I could see what I have, all arranged in neat little stacks, and I could pick out the things I needed so easily!  This would be *so* useful in a craft room!

I hope you're all having a swell week so far!  I've got to get cracking on a doll I'm going to make (Anyone ever made a large plush before?  Any tips?) and I've got lots of hours at work but fingers crossed I *might* just have the whole weekend off!  Woo hoo!


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