10 Things For 2013

1. Read 12 books, one for every month - I have so many books that I haven't read yet and so so many that I really -want- to read, so I'm not making any excuses!  One per month!  DONE!

2. Knit myself a sweater - I'm slowly getting better at knitting and, while I'm still in the process of crocheting my blanket, I'd really like to challenge myself and make something I can wear.

3. Try 12 new recipes - With the same premise as reading, so many delicious things are waiting to be baked/grilled/cooked by me and I want to explore lots of different foods and introduce my family to new, interesting flavours.

4. Reach and maintain 140lbs - Last year, I reached 140lbs and I felt -amazing-.  My clothes fitted me really well, I had bags of energy and my self-confidence rocketed.  I've found my ideal weight and it's one I'd like to not only get back to but stay at.

5. Visit somewhere new - Whether it's a new town or city in England, or a new state in America, I'd love to experience a new place with different people, sights and things to explore.  And S has promised me a road trip this year =p DONE!

6. Get a tattoo and/or piercing - Working in a bakery is not ideal for wanting body modifications, especially since I can't really book anything in advance.  I keep putting this off to wait for a better time, but that time really is now and I want to make it happen.

7. Help out with chores regularly - I live with my parents and since my Mum is stay-at-home, I get off pretty lightly with chores.  She really wants to go back to work this year, so I'm going to make a concerted effort to help out around the house much more often.

8. Complete 5 video games - I adore video games.  Love love love them to pieces.  They are a hobby I'd like to make time for and there are so many awesome games I want to play and some I want to replay too!  2013, year of the video game!

9. Make donations to 12 different charities - Giving back is really important to me.  I love shopping at thrift stores and putting my pennies into charity pots that I see.  Effort is everything with this one, and I'd like to find some new and interesting charities to support.

10. Have a 'Die Hard' movie marathon - Little known fact; Die Hard is my all-time favourite movie series.  I -love- all of the movies and I think it would be so much fun to sit down with some great people, some delicious food and enjoy some crazy good action movies! DONE!

Those are my '10 Things' for this year!  Good luck to everyone attempting their own challenges and resolutions for 2013 ^_^

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