About Me.

My 'so not impressed' photo face

Hi!  I'm Kate ^_^

I'm 24 years old (yikes, already?!), I live in England and by day, I work in a bakery.  When I'm not at work, I love to bury myself in a good book, turn balls of yarn into pretty things and get very excited about finding beautiful bargains in thrift stores.

Currently, I'm learning how to knit, dabbling in different papercrafts and working on setting up my own business.

I'm head-over-heels for a wonderful guy who just so happens to live all the way over in America (sad face) We've been long-distance dating for aaaaages and, hopefully, this year we'll make it and start building a life together.

S and I

Some things I love : S, stationery stores, thrifting, music, video games, doodling, warm summer days, cosy sweaters, singing, baking, our kitties!

Gizmo, Winnie and WhiteFace

Some things I don't love : being cold, 12-hour shifts at work, rudeness, vacuum cleaning, talking to people I don't know (so shy!), game saves that corrupt, sweetcorn =p

Thank you so much for stopping by, it's a pleasure to meet you!


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