Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Must Haves #18

I can't believe it's Monday again already!  The last week absolutely flew by, with so many busy hours at work and our work Christmas party on Saturday (lots of laughter and lots of wine!) plus getting packages sorted for overseas people (S and B, I'm looking at you!) I once again feel like I've not had a minute to myself!  Seems like that's becoming a bit of theme in my life lately *chuckles* Note to self in the New Year - Make Me Time.

This week is another Christmas themed Monday Must Haves only this week I'm focussing on gifts specifically.  I'm making lots of my own gifts this year (mostly crocheted things, I've got a wonderful hat that I'm making for my brother, I can't wait to show you when it's all done!) and am really supporting handmade gift giving.  These little lovelies are some of the beautiful things that have been lovingly hand crafted to bring that extra sparkle to a smile on Christmas morning (^_^)

Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver with Amethyst Gemstone
I am completely in awe of anyone who can produce such beautiful swirly earring posts!  These earrings are utterly gorgeous, dainty little gems that will glitter in your ear, twinkling in the fairy lights (^_^) Prettiness overload!

Garnet Leather Wrap Bracelet
I have been eyeing these lovely leather wrap bracelets for a long time now and would really love to have a stab at them as I think they'd make such lovely prezzies!  I love the colour of this one, the way the red of the gemstones contrasts with the black leather.  This one is gorgeous and made by someone with years of beading experience!  I hope I can be as good as this one day!

Songwriters Music Journal - Hand Bound - Pen And Ink Tree Drawing - Lined With Music Bars
This stunning handmade music journal literally made me squee when I saw it!  Hand bound and illustrated with pen and ink by the amazing artist who created it, this book would be perfect for songwriters, musicians (the pages are all lined with staves, how cute is that!) or simply for thoughts, ideas or poetry (staves will make it all that more dramatic and poignant!)

Children's Reversible Apron - Matryoshka - Perfect Holiday Gift for Little Girls
Sadly, I don't know any little people that I could buy this epically cute reversible apron for but I just *had* to include it!  Wouldn't this be perfect for all those lovely crafts afternoons with a tiny artist?  Such a perfect little gift that not only misses and misters will love but parents will thank you for (^_^)

Julie's Fudge - DRUMSTICK with Sugar Cone Crust, Chocolate Lining, & Peanut Topping - 6 Pieces (OVER 1/2 Pound)
To wrap things up in the most delicious way, who doesn't love a homemade treat to eat for Christmas?  And oh my gosh, drooling over my computer at the sight of this delectable fudge! It looks so crunchy and chewy and chocolatey and...Oh, just like heaven!  I love fudge (^_^) And I *love* making food for people for gifts!

I hope you're all getting into the Christmas spirit and enjoying the final run up to the big day!  And I hope the start of your week has been less tiring but just as smiley as mine (^_^) Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. :e This post ROCKED!!! I love those earrings, and oh that journal! :O I also really love fudge, nom!!!

    So excited for you and for Christmas!