Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Nobody Said Commenting Would Be Easy...

But no-one said it would be so chuffin' hard either!

To all you lovelies who may have commented on my blog recently; I don't know *exactly* what the problem was, but when I had my comment settings set to 'embedded', they weren't working.  I wasn't getting any comment notifications, nothing was appearing - frustrating!  It was only when someone I know tried to comment, they mentioned that it wasn't working on their end too!  How annoying!

So, I think I've fixed it!  I've changed the setting from 'embedded' to 'full page' and that seems to have done the trick!  If you've tried to comment recently (particularly on my last post) then please try again {plus I'm really sorry for the hassle, I had no idea my comments were being such a pain in the butt!}

Have a great day guys, take it easy!


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