Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Charity For January : RSPCA

This charity really, really means a lot to me.  
When I was considering getting some kitties, the first place I went to was our local cattery, which is run by the RSPCA.  The cats were all really well taken care of, happy and given all the right health checks.  The ladies who volunteered at the cattery clearly loved it there and put in so much time and effort making sure all the animals were comfortable and content.  With the help of the volunteers, I picked out two beautiful kittens, had my home checked over for suitability, and was delighted to be approved and take them home.  The process was thorough and friendly, to ensure the cats were going to the best home possible.

All of the animals up for adoption are given full health checks, all the right vaccinations and they are neutered or spayed (unless they are too young, in which case you are given a voucher to have the procedure done when they are old enough).  Hundreds of thousands of animals are rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed every year, through the tireless efforts of thousands of volunteers working with the animals, in thrift stores, available on cruelty hotlines.

Having three cats and generally being an animal lover, cruelty is something I despise and animal welfare is so important to me.  Unfortunately, cruelty to animals isn't something that can be stamped out, but with the help of organisations like the RSPCA, who help to change legislation and prosecute those responsible, animals who are treated badly can be saved and offered a new, better, loving life.

They offer lots of advice for pet owners too, how to get involved with animal charities and lots of interesting bits about wildlife, farm animals and all the international help they give.  And there are so many cute animal pictures ^_^ 

I am eternally grateful to the RSPCA, as without this wonderful charity we wouldn't have the three beautiful kitties that fit so perfectly into our family.

Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you're having a good one!


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