Monday, April 01, 2013

Charity for April: Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

I think it's pretty clear that I am an animal lover ^_^ I see advertisements for animal charities and they always tug on my heartstrings, making me wish I could afford to sponsor all of them!  Battersea Dogs & Cats home is an incredible charity, with over 150 years of experience as London's leading animal rehoming centre.

This is a charity which aims to never turn a cat or a dog away, to reunite lost pets with their owners and to take care of animals until they can be rehomed with loving families.  They have worked with over 3 million animals in their history, ensuring that each cat or dog is suitable for rehoming and educating their owners so that they can properly care for their pets.  From puppies and kittens to dogs and cats in their later years, no matter their behavioural or medical issues, Battersea strives to take each and every one in and to send it on to live a happy life.  Although they do receive some government funding, they rely heavily on public donations in order to keep functioning to their fullest.

As you guys know, I adopted my kitties from the RSPCA and am an advocate of rehoming abandoned or unwanted pets.  There are far too many people who take on an animal and sadly realise it isn't going to work out, so to give that animal another chance at a happy life is so rewarding and it all happens because of great charities like the Battersea Dogs & Cats home!

S and I have talked about getting a pup when we live together, so even though I can't take home one of their lovely dogs right now, I'm excited to be a dog owner and to hopefully be able to adopt one from a rehoming centre ^_^

I have got a hugely busy week ahead -sad face- but I hope you all had a lovely Easter and have got a great week to look forward to!  Thanks for stopping by!


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