Thursday, February 10, 2011


I have, recently, found myself to be in a bit of a 'food-rut' at lunchtime.  I eat the same ole stuff day in, day out, week in, week out, and I'm really, really bored of it.  I don't have a lot of input into what gets bought to eat each week so most days I find myself staring blankly at the contents of the fridge before reaching for my quick-fix Quorn and cucumber sandwich, which is yummy and nutritious but sadly lacking in variety.  So today I decided to break out of my self-imposed sandwich boringness and make something a little different.

Now, I've been told by two people on two separate occasions that I make the best sandwiches ever.  Seriously.  Perhaps this was a joyful exaggeration (primarily because they hadn't had to prepare anything for themselves to eat as I'd happily done it for them) but I now take great pride in my sandwich-making skills and creativity.  I really love sandwiches.  I can understand why Subway call their employees 'Sandwich Artists' (even if they refuse to tessellate the cheese triangles - it's not that difficult!) because making a good sandwich really is like creating a work of art.  You have to choose your ingredients carefully, with quality and flavour at the front of your mind.  Preparation is key; the order in which you place sandwich filling on bread is absolutely vital.  Not to mention presentation; nothing is better than a thick, hearty, towering plate of delicious, lovingly created sandwich.

With all this in mind, I thought I'd share one of my favourite sandwiches (which I made today - lunch rut officially broken!) which I modestly decided to name "The Best Tuna Sandwich Ever" *grins*

You Will Need:
  • 2 Slices of thick brown bread (check the ingredients when you buy it if it's not from a bakery - I find a lot of brown bread has sugar in it which gives it a really strange sweetness.  Try to find one without sugar in and marvel at how much more delicious it is)
  • A can of tuna (dolphin-friendly!)
  • Good mayonnaise
  • One spring onion
  • One small tomato or avocado (or both, if you're really hungry)
  • Cucumber
  • Your favourite cheese (I love mine with extra mature cheddar *yum* but it also works well with a slice or two of mozzarella for delightful stringiness!)

First, drain the tuna and put it in a bowl, along with about a tablespoon of mayonnaise (this can be added to your own personal preference).  Slice a spring onion into little chunks and add to the tuna mayonnaise, stirring everything together until it's all evenly mixed.  Next, put your two slices of bread under a grill and brown (if you don't have a grill, you can always pop them in the toaster, that works just as well).  While your bread is toasting, slice your cucumber, cheese, tomato and/or avocado.  When your bread is toasted, remove and assemble the deliciousness!  I always start with the tuna mayonnaise with spring onion (and I always find there is far too much for one sandwich - it'll keep in the fridge in a bowl for a few days if you cover it with plastic wrap) and then I put on the cheese.  If you can, pop your tuna-cheese slice under the grill for an extra minute or so and let the cheese melt a little.  Then I add cucumber, tomato (though I didn't use any this time) and avocado goes on last.  Finally, top it all off with your second slice of toasted bread and voilà!  Delicious delicious delicious sandwich that will fill you up all the way to dinner.  Enjoy!