Friday, February 11, 2011

You've Got Mail!

For those of you who are unaware, it's nearly Valentine's Day.  It's a special one for me and my boy because it will be our first one "together" (in quotes as he's in America and, well, I'm not).  We decided to send each other cards and spend Valentine's evening Skyping together (I don't know what we would've done without Skype!) so I eagerly anticipated the arrival of a red envelope from the USA and ta-da!  I got mail!

Yes, I did attempt to sneak a peek as both of the envelope corners are slightly unstuck *Sorry S!* but I promised not to open it until The Big Day.  So now it sits with my notebook, calling my name, begging to be opened.  Monday can't roll around quickly enough!

Being the creative sort, I made my boy a card.

I posted it on Tuesday so I'm keeping my fingers really tightly crossed that it actually gets there on time, unlike his Christmas gift (posted December 10th, didn't get to him until January 16th!  Grr!)

I made the heart using craft wire as both a frame and decoration.  I wrapped four different wire colours around two simple silver and black frames, which made it kind of bulky but it's a solid piece and so pretty!  I'm really pleased with how it turned out.
The pros of using this craft wire are the gorgeous shiny colours and the ease of cutting it (just standard scissors did the trick). The cons are the impossibleness of straightening any unfortunate kinks and sharp ends from cutting (which lead to several finger stabs and unrepeatable mutterings).

I'm really excited to see the card he sent me (no doubt it will be hearts and flowers and have a poem inside - he's a real traditional romantic) and for him to get my card.  I love getting mail, especially from my boy.  Fingers crossed this will be the first and last Valentine's Day we spend apart, then much romancing and general love-y-ness will ensue.  And cupcakes.  Valentine's Day cupcakes.

Do want!

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  1. Getting mail is awesome. Not a lot of people mail stuff anymore because of the use of email, but there's just something personal about getting a post in the mail. Love reading your post :). Have a nice day...