Friday, February 11, 2011

My Foray Into The World Of Jewellery Making - The Beginning!

I've been considering it for yonks.  I even made a necklace once, out of amber and onyx chips, thread on silver wire.  And I really enjoyed it.  Then I went to university and it got hard to find time to do creative things outside of my course.  I thought my bead-threading, wire-snipping days were over.  But I was wrong.  The thought of making cute, dangly earrings and dainty necklaces was too great to resist.

Hello Ebay!  I spent hours poring over various jewellery-making kits, beginner's guides and beads.  I sifted through page after page, wondering if it was better to buy tigertail over silver wire, the quantity of jump rings I would need and if I should get ready-made beads or gemstone chips.  I genuinely had no idea.

So I stopped and had a cup of tea and a biscuit.
I need cups and saucers that look like this.
By the time I came back, I knew what I wanted; simplicity.  I bought a starter 'finishings kit' with all the basics I'd need, some spacer beads that look like little flowers, some pretty blue gemstone chips (the sparkles, they called to me) and some cloisonné beads which are just beyond gorgeous.  So I can have a play around, see if I can get to grips with the techniques and if it's actually something I really enjoy doing.  No fuss over tools and books and whatnot.  Just the bare essentials for a beginner.  Yay for parcels in the post!  I'm really excited to begin a new creative endeavour.

FYI - My boy got his card in the post today (way to go UPS!  Thank you for not taking six weeks!) so we're doing card openings tonight.  Today also marks our "9 Months Of Officially Being In A Relationship" so it seemed fitting.  Yay for cards!  And early Valentine's Day fun!  Happy happy (^_^)

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