Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope you're all having a wonderful day, no matter what you're doing (^_^)
My cat Emmy:A little Valentine's lurve:Creative BootCamp inspiring word - 'Flow'

Today feels pretty awesome so far.  I weighed myself and I lost a pound *yay* so now I'm exactly 160.  Awesome sauce!  Only 20 pounds to go before I reach my healthy target weight, woo!

My boy and I set a date for my trip to see him!  I'm flying to America on May 3rd (^_^) I am *so* happy!  We'd been discussing a date for me to go for ages.  March was in the running for a while but things didn't work out quite as planned, so now it's May!  Which means only 2 and a half more months of Skyping and daily e-mails to go before I get to give him the biggest, most epic hug ever.  Yay!

My job has been kind of sucking at giving me hours this month - I work on a zero-hour contract so I only work when there is work available, which can mean days and days of nothing at all - which means I have had lots of time to pursue my creative ideas and talk to my boy but also means less money (-_-) It was pretty tough for me to get this job so I'm sticking with it as best I can for now, but having a job with so little stability is another reason I'm so excited to learn more about developing and running a successful creative business.  I know it won't be easy, it'll take a lot of time and hard work, but I know it will be so incredibly rewarding and such a pleasure to undertake every single day.  I just really hope I have what it takes to make it work!

Edit - Throughout today, I've been thinking (it doesn't happen often so I thought I should document it) about what it is to be called an artist (courtesy of Creative BootCamp) I wouldn't have called myself an artist yesterday.  But now, I think I would.  Here's how my thought process went when I asked myself "What does it mean to be an artist?" :
To me, an artist is a person who focusses their working life on creating their own personal ideas through various mediums and communicates them to the outside world (I'm *hoping* to focus my working life on it!)
An artist is someone who seeks to inspire (I'd be thrilled if I did), to create beauty (yeah, that's a definite), someone who loves what they do (that's me for sure) and who does it *because* they love it (ding ding ding!)
I think I found it difficult to call myself an artist because a) I'm not a painter/musician/traditional artist and b) I always felt that, to be called an artist, someone else had to give you that title, rather than giving it to yourself.  But now, I really do think that even though I'm not a traditional artist and even though no-one has ever called what I do 'art' or me an 'artist', I think that by creating something, by taking ideas and making them a physical reality, by producing something that I hope makes other people think, inspired, happy...I think I can call myself an artist.
What do *you* think it means to be an artist?  Would you call yourself an artist?
Thank you for reading!

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