Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finding(s) My Way Forward

I'm so punny *snorts* Moving on...

I forgot to say yesterday, but some incredibly speedy sellers got my Ebay purchases delivered to me the day after I'd paid!  Really was super super quick!  I am now the proud owner of approximately 800 jewellery findings and some exceptionally pretty spacer beads.  Just waiting for my cloisonné beads and gemstone chips to arrive, then there will be no stopping me.  Right after I figure out what everything is.

I'm really so excited for the Indie Business course; people from all over the world are going to be taking part! It really will be an amazing, enlightening, informative and incredibly fun experience.  I can't wait!  In order to almost "prep" myself, I decided to undertake {this} 2-week creativity bootcamp!  There is a workbook and a guide to download and it's all wonderfully free (thank you so much!) I think it's going to be a really useful tool in helping me understand where my creative passions lie and channelling that into something I can be proud of.  It starts with a letter to my future-self (I love writing these - I've got one to open on my birthday this year which I wrote January 1st...I already forgot what I wrote) and the word "scarlet" as my inspiration for today.  With limited access to my craft supplies (under the stairs, behind bikes, fans and cat litter) I made it very simple, creating an origami envelope to house my letter, decorated with a scarlet origami heart.  It's really pretty and I'm pleased with how it turned out (I've made several of these before but they've never come out this good, due to my apparent inability to cut/fold/do anything in straight lines) I'm looking forward to tomorrow and seeing what my task and inspiration are!  I'm feeling more creative already (^_^)


  1. 800? Wow. I have a necklace somewhere around here...


  2. What can I say, it was a bargain deal I couldn't pass up (^_^) Thanks for stopping by!