Thursday, February 17, 2011


I'm no photographer but I *love* taking pictures.  Capturing moments in time that could otherwise be lost is such an interesting and beautiful concept.  Normally, I only take pictures or people or places, events that I've been to that I want to remember.  Since I've started blogging, I've really been thinking about how to set up a shot, where to focus, what I want the point of the picture to be, what I want it to say.  It's a lot of fun to use my camera in a different way (^_^)

Working through the Creative Bootcamp, my creative challenge today was to go out and take pictures.  That's it.  Just go, explore, take different pictures of different things and see what happens.  So that's what I did!

Baby Snail! *squee*

I took a good look at the pictures I took and I see that I'm really attracted to nature, lots of green and close-up shots!  I think I like the detail of it, being able to see all the lines and colours and picking up on the little parts that could be missed in a wider shot.  I feel this represents my creative style as a whole; I enjoy working on the details, making sure nothing gets overlooked and, even if I'm working on something very simple, I like to make sure that every part of it is just right.  I really enjoyed taking my camera out today and exploring different ways to create an image!

I really love sending and receiving mail, as I've already said (^_^) One of my favourite bloggers Kyla Roma, who I've been following for quite some time and who has really inspired me, has invited her readers to send postcards and mail to her, so I'm going to make and send her a postcard!  As she said, there's nothing more exciting than getting something beautiful in the mail!  Think it's time to get my craft things out and get creative (^_^)

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