Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Happy Summer!

Gorgeous outdoor dining, delicious bbq quesadillas(!) and prettily-lit balmy evenings = perfection!

For me, today officially marks the first day of summer (^_^) I *love* June 1st and all the promise it brings of warm sunny days, barbecues with family and general awesomeness for the next three months!

Since this is the beginning of my favourite season, I've decided to begin a month of challenges that I'm setting for myself, in an attempt to become more motivated and productive!  I really feel like things are moving forward positively in my life at the moment, so now is a great time for me to branch out and push myself to achieve some goals!

Goal #1 - Read 3 books - I've been seriously lacking on the reading front so far this year and if I want to reach my target of 20 books I need to get crack-a-lackin'!
Goal #2 - Exercise - I am the queen of exercise excuses (I'm too tired, I don't have enough time, my knee is making a weird crunching sound) but I want to get into shape and the only thing stopping me from doing that is me.  I want to start a basic pilates and yoga routine and build up the strength in my joints (damn you, crunchy knee!) so I can move on to more advanced exercise.
Goal #3 - Create - I need to sit and make proper time for creative endeavours.  It's all too easy to push it aside and say I don't have time but I know I do.  By the end of June I want to have created a prototype for an idea I've had and learn how to crochet a granny square.

I think this month is going to be a really exciting one too!  As I mentioned in my previous post, my boy and I have decided to really get the ball rolling with him moving over here.  The first big hurdle is finding a place to live so I can send off all the information he needs to apply for his visa, so we've started looking for a one-bed starter home for us to move in to!  It's really exciting, looking at different places online, deciding what kind of home we want, thinking about all the things we could do in our own space (hello home-grown vegetables, BBQs and upcycled furniture!) I'm hoping to have moved (or at least have a place available) by the end of the month so *fingers crossed* he will be moving over here at the beginning of August!  I'm so pleased with how things are moving along right now, knock on wood everything stays awesome and turns out just how we'd like it to!

I hope you all have an exciting month ahead - I'd love to hear about any goals or plans you have!


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