Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Monday Must Haves #7

Yesterday was a totally exhausting day for me; I'd just come off of a 5-day stint at work which, in itself doesn't sound tough, but they were 5 really hard, really long days.  So last night, instead of settling down in front of my computer to write my blog, I talked to my boy and went to bed!  

In honour of the fabulous weather we've been having in the south of England (is there a sarcasm font yet?) I've dedicated today's "Monday" Must Haves to rain, glorious rain!

♥ I've been looking for a place to live with my boy when he comes over later this year *squee!* and been thinking about the little ways we'll make our house a home - I love little touches like cute coasters and table mats, they really make a difference and bring a little life to a room.  These coasters with pretty wellies on are lovely and I heart that they're 'fancy coasters for fancy people' (^_^)

♥ Always on the lookout for lovely silver pieces, this little cloud is just *so* pretty and I think would be a really unique talking point too!  I'd love to wear this on rainy days to remind myself that it's not all doom and gloom, clouds are indeed very swirly and nice!

♥ I genuinely love everything about this piece; from my newly-discovered love of bird illustrations to the recycling of old, unused books to create new, beautiful prints that people will treasure.  It really speaks to me!  I'd love to hang this on a wall somewhere that everyone who walked into my home would see it.  It's gorgeous and going straight on my wishlist.

♥ Not so much to do with rain, however extremely pertinent to today - I *finally* had my tooth pulled!  I'd like to say it was smooth sailing but that tooth was a little pest to get out - it didn't want to leave and it was freakin' huge, even the dentist was surprise at how big it was!  So now I'm slightly gappy *sad* but yay for not having to deal with horrible toothache any more!

Hope you're all having a killer Tuesday!  My evening is all about taking it easy, which means sitting with my feet up and eating delicious food (fish pie, om nom nom!) Then it's back to work tomorrow until Saturday when I can finally have a lie-in!  Roll on the weekend!


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