Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Found It!

What, what did you find?  I hear you asking (^_^)
I found *my* creative niche.

I ♥ crocheting!

I *fiiiiiinally* picked up some yarn in a dashing blue-green colour, got on the web and did some learning.  And now I'm totally hooked!  Pun intended!

All I've done the last few days is crochet; it's mostly been practice and that practice has mostly been granny squares, some with an edging and some without.  I also managed a very wonky heart (^_^)

Yay for crochet!  Ooh, that rhymes!
My pièce de résistance, however, is my awesome new crocheted HAT!  That's right, I somehow managed to crochet a freakin' hat!  Sure, it's not perfect, it has a wonky edge and not all the stitches are the same distance apart but I actually made a hat, something useful I can wear!  The mind boggles!

Now my ears will be snuggly in winter!  For the record, I don't wear this jumper every day (^_^)
For some reason, my webcam is closer to the true colour of my yarn rather than my actual camera (O_o) Nonetheless, I have officially caught the crochet bug and I can't wait to learn 
more and make so many things!  I'm working on learning how to make some flowery embellishments for hats and headbands and I'm planning on making my best friend B an 80s inspired crocheted tie for his birthday in August!  S'gonna be awesome!

In other, incredibly exciting news, I've *pretty much* managed to complete my goals for June (exercise, crafting and reading - done, done and 2 and a half books!) and I'm going to complete another of my 10 Things tomorrow by donating blood!  Psyched and nervous all at the same time!

Hope you're having an awesome Thursday and have a great weekend planned!



  1. I love that heart, it's so cute! I tried crocheting when I was younger and could NOT get it for the life of me! I switched to knitting, though, and caught on quickly! It's strange.

  2. I love those colors! The heart is cute :)