Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's Been Forevers!

It's been ages.

It's been hella busy here lately, what with working some crazy awkward hours and generally having no time to myself/with my family/my boy/my cats/my besties...It's sucked big time.

There have been a lot of ups and downs too; the boy and I had been planning for him to come here sometime early September and we'd even found a place for us to live but things (inevitably, grrr!) got in the way and now that's all been put on hold; I applied for a new job working at my old school and was told I was the only applicant (the job sounded perfect - office hours, no weekends/early mornings/late nights, loads of holiday time) but was rejected for another *mystery* applicant.

There's more to come too; troubles with visas and all that junk, not knowing when or how my boy and I are going to be together again, working like a madwoman over the next three weeks (my manager is taking a holiday and arranged NO cover for herself - nice one, love!) and just being exhausted and grumpy.  *Not* looking forward to it one jot!

Rant out of the way!
I had two lovely days off before the onslaught so I've had lots of chatting time with family, friends and my loveliest love, lots of cuddles with kit-cats and also a chance to get my creativity going by making my Nan a parchment craft card for her birthday.

Pretty!  The parchment I'm working on is actually a pretty minty green colour (note to self - figure out how to get camera to take accurate colour pictures!) The close-up on the right was to show you some of the embossing I did on the outline of the daffodils and the centres of the forget-me-nots.  I'm planning on cutting the centre out and either putting a picture in there or a big Happy Birthday, I'm not sure yet.  Decisions, decisions!

I hope you guys have all been well and are having a swell week so far!


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