Monday, August 01, 2011

Monday Must Haves #10

Today's 'Monday Must Haves' were all going to be about gorgeous furniture and awesome stuff I want to put in my future home but since I'm not moving just yet, I thought I'd put all the apartment-lusting to one side.

July was a real flop in England this year; all we had in the south was miserable, cold, rainy weather which absolutely sucked.  But HAPPY AUGUST to everyone and Hello Sunshine!  Today is utterly gorgeous outside and has put me in a bright, sunshine-y, happy mood!  Without further ado, I introduce you to all the beautiful rays of lovely that I've been perusing this week.

Sunny Skies Charm Bracelet
This caught my eye straight away; I absolutely love brightly coloured, intricate, jingly jangly things like this bracelet!  It's so pretty, so sweet, I love that there are so many different pieces and it's obviously taken someone time and effort to make it.  Gorgeous (^_^)

Octopus wearing glasses- Womens Deep V Neck, american apparel sunshine yellow t shirt, XXS -L  WorldWide Shipping
♥ I love this t-shirt!  It makes me smile to look at it and it looks so comfy to wear!  I don't wear a lot of yellow because it can make me look really washed out but I don't think I'd be able to resist this one; I love his oversized specs!

Sunshine - Retro Flower Bird Tree Painting Art Print on Wood
♥ Everything about this makes me really happy!  I'd love to hang this on a wall, it would brighten up a room and make me smile to look at it.  I really like how simple it is and how beautifully it's presented.  Do want!

You are the Sunshine of My Life-Greeting Card
♥ Another card I'd love to send to my boy, because he quite simply is!  This would be perfect for *so* many occasions though; it's bright and crisp and clean and oh so simple, I'd love to get something like this from a special someone.

I hope you're all having a wonderful Monday and that you've got so many exciting things planned for August!  For me, it's going to be - working loads and super hard too, getting my creative on with crochet and card-making, organizing some holiday time for November so I can go see my lovely and *hopefully* lots of sunshine!


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