Monday, September 26, 2011

Things I Have On Monday!

Okay, so I will definitely get back to the ole Monday Must Haves next week - today is all about sharing my good news with you guys and showing you the bits and pieces I've been up to over the last week (^_^)

♥ I got some *great* news from the tax office last week - a couple of years ago, I worked for an opticians who didn't get my tax sorted out properly and I paid emergency tax for six months.  Last week, a letter turns up telling me I'm entitled to a tax rebate - £936 worth of rebate!  I couldn't believe it!  I'm so thrilled; this means I have more money saved for S's eventual move over here, for our house and for bills and all that junk (^_^) One of the most exciting letters I've ever received!

♥ I *finally* stopped procrastinating, making excuses and got off my butt, bought some proper running shoes and went for a run!  

{Spangly New Running Shoes!}
Even though I had problems when I attempted this the first time around, I'm so glad I gave it another go; I love how exhilarated it makes me feel when I've completed a run (albeit a short one!) and I'm really pleased that I'm getting some good exercise too!  Here's to a healthier Autumn!

♥ I crossed off one thing from my '10 Things' list - check out these bad boys!

{Oh Brown Boots, I ♥ You}
I found these on Ebay in instantly fell in love; they're perfect winter boots for me, with a good thick sole, waterproofed suede and a little heel for that touch of extra height (not that I need it, being 5'7!) I really am now all set for Winter and can't wait to pair these with pretty skirts and colourful tights (^_^)

♥ I kept putting off making this doll because I've never made a doll before and this one looked pretty challenging!  Last week, I knuckled down and sketched a template for myself and today I put pencil to fabric and cut out the pieces I need to make S's sister the perfect addition to her CosPlay outfit!

{It's Gonna Be A Biggun!}
I now have to dye the individual pieces (the head is yellow and the arms are blue and red) and get them all sewn together with the aid of my Mum's sewing machine!  I'm excited about completing this project; it's been a new venture for me and I know S's sister will be thrilled when it gets to her!

♥ Last but not least, I did some more work on my art journal this week and created a page for song number 2;
'The Broken' - Year Of The Black Rainbow

{Obscurity Has No Heroes}
This image was inspired by the following lyrics;

The world looks better when you're falling...
...Pray for The Broken, no-one can fix us,
We are, we'll always be The Wronged.

I'm super pleased with how this turned out (^_^) I love using red and black together, it always looks so striking and bold!  I might tweak the quote I've put in the top right corner; I'd like to write it in type-font and perhaps colour the background a similar red to the praying hands...We'll see!  It's a work in progress!

Well, I get the feeling my week is going to deteriorate pretty quickly since I'm now looking forward to two 10-hour days at work (boo!) but I'll keep smiling after having a great week last week!  S and I are *still* waiting for the paperwork to get there but the good news we've got the necessary funds to make the application so as soon as it gets there, all systems go!

I hope you're all having a great week and thanks for stopping by!


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