Monday, October 24, 2011

Not So Monday Must Haves...

This last week has been really, really tough and really, really annoying!  
Work has been completely exhausting, I've spent more hours there than I have at home (at least, that's how it feels!) With one manager off after another, I'm working lots of crazy long shifts (12-hour stints!  Gah!) and am in desperate need of a break!  
The annoying part of this week has been regarding the application S and I made for him to come and live here - long story short, we got declined for a reason we can't fix easily.  So he's not coming here.  Which means we're now making plans for me to move over to America!  I'm feeling excited and bummed; it's going to be an awesome new start for me, a chance to work on building a business and living with my lovely boy but at the same time, it's more time apart, it's not being together for Christmas, it's more waiting.  I'm impatient - I want it all to be done now! He's going to go talk to someone about procedures and things today so - Watch This Space!

The fun part of this week has been talking about me going to visit him for Thanksgiving, which I am *super* stoked to be able to do!  I'm taking a couple of weeks holiday at the end of November so we can go look at Christmas lights and spend time with his family.  I'm so excited to see him *and* to get away from work for a fortnight!  It's going to be bliss!

I know I said I would last week, but I am *definitely* posting about the doll I made this week!  The rest of tonight, I'm going to take it easy, eat some chocolate and relax in preparation for my day off tomorrow (^_^) I hope you're all having a great start to your week!



  1. I'm so sorry about the application - how sucky! I know I was always super bummed when Jen and I made a plan and said plan fell through - though when we were long distance we were teenagers so often 'tis was the parents didn't want to spend money, or travel, etc.

    If you do move to America, it'd be nice sharing a country! ;)

    I hope you have a lovely time with your boy and his fam and damn girl, you DO need a break from work!

    Good luck!!! :O :h

  2. I think moving to America is the best idea.. In fact, I think you should move in next door.. I live in a lovely neighborhood :-)

    Janette the Jongleur

    PS. And booooo to 12 hour work shifts

  3. @Angie - I know, it's a sucky situation but it means I can finally get my butt over to the States and work on something I love, not something I *have* to do (^_^) Silver lining!

    @Janette - Boooooooo indeed! 12-hour-shifts are a nightmare (-_-) Would love to move in next door! Think we're going to be over the other side though *chuckles*