Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's Football Sunday!

Our household, when we finally get it all together, will be a New York Giants household.  S *adores* them; as I write, we're actually watching the game (well, he's watching, I'm on the computer!) and I'm actually pleased to say I'm starting to understand this game a little more.  It's fun to take an interest in what your partner likes (or at least get what they are talking about when they mention drives, kickers and pockets!)

Football Sunday is extra special today because earlier this week, S and I went bowling.  S is an amazing bowler, I can just about scrape 100 points but he knocks it through the roof!  Now, I'm not sure if you'd have heard of this current craze called 'Tebowing'.  For those who don't, the Denver Broncos' player Tim Tebow prays at the beginning of every game.  His kneeling prayer pose has become the equivalent of planking lately (see this website for many hilarious examples!)

S has wanted to do an awesome 'Tebow' for a while now and inspiration hit him when we were in the bowling alley!  Dear readers, I'd very much like to share this awesome video we took of S 'Tebow-ling', shot by yours truly (^_^) Hope you enjoy it as much as we do every time we see it!

Have an amazing Sunday guys!  GO GIANTS!


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