Tuesday, November 01, 2011

November Fourth!

Yep, November 4th is this Friday and that, my dear blog friends, is the day I'll get to give my amazing boy the biggest, most awesomest hug and begin two weeks of epic amazingness (^_^) I was totally bummed out at work, as I wanted to take the last two weeks of November off so I could visit with S and his family for Thanksgiving *BUT* my assistant manager (who knew I wanted that time off ~grumbles~) booked most of that week off instead!  So there I was, thinking I wouldn't be able to make a trip over and we'd have to wait until next year but things have gone our way for once and I'm flying out for the next two weeks!  EXCITED!!!  I'm so thrilled to be able to see him before Christmas and to have a well-needed break from work!  I'll be missing Guy Fawkes night here in England but I'll see if I can get the boy to buy some sparklers and we'll have our own little display in his yard!

I'm determined to keep blogging throughout my trip as, last time, I didn't at all and I think it would be a really great way to keep a record of what we've done and the time we've spent together.  Plus I'd love to share a little extra bit of my life with you all (^_^)

I've got some *serious* packing/ironing/getting ready to do so I'll leave it here for today!  I just wanted to share my news with you all (^_^) I've managed to squeeze some art journalling in and finish page number three - I need to take some pictures to post up, I'm thrilled with how it came out and can't wait to show you guys!  It feels really good to be back in the creative swing and looking forward to taking some time off!  YAY!

I hope you're all having a swell Tuesday!  Thanks so much for stopping by!


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