Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Crocheted Giftage!

I've been really excited to share with you the things I made for people at Christmas and the wait has been *agonizing*!  I've had to wait until after the big day as I didn't want anyone to find out about their gifts early!

I'm so lucky to have a wonderful friend who has a *massive* collection of wool, some of which she kindly gave to me as I started out on my crocheting journey.  Do you remember this scarf?  It was the very first scarf I made and it was a gift for her, partly for her birthday and partly to thank her for all the supplies she gave me.  Well, I figured she could do with a matching hat for a little Christmas gift!

The next hat I gave as a gift was originally commissioned by my colleague at work after she saw me wearing it!  Since it was so close to Christmas, I decided to give it to her as a present rather than charging her for it (^_^) This one took me longer to do as I decided to try out a pattern to give it a different look - what do you think?

It's got a ribbed pattern to it which, if you're not keen, you can reverse it and the inside is unpatterned!  Pretty nifty *winks* I was so psyched when my friend gave me this wool, it's so jazzy just in the ball and it crochets really well!

The final hat I gave this year was for my brother, who is a *massive* gamer!  He loves all kinds of games on all kinds of consoles and, at the moment, he's a little bit obsessed with Minecraft (I have linked you to the Wiki page if you want to check it out!) Anyway, there are these monsters in the game called Creepers, and basically they take all your hard work and blow it sky-high!  The make up of a Creeper is pretty simple so I thought it would be awesome if I could put one on a hat for him, and here is how it turned out!

I made this one a little bigger than the others (since my brother has a big head - full of brains, of course!) and crocheted the black parts independently, sewing them on when the main hat was finished.  I'm *so* pleased with the way it turned out and he's thrilled with it too; he's barely taken it off since Christmas day, I had to wrestle it from him earlier just to take this quick picture!

I'm really proud to be able to share my creations with you (^_^) I know lots of you are crafters too and love getting stuck in to projects like this; we all love a homemade gift, whether we make it for someone else or receive it from someone special.

I hope you're all still buzzing from a wonderful weekend and that this week is treating you awesomely, just like you deserve!  Thanks for stopping by!


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