Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Must Haves #19

Hellooooo!  Are we all having a lovely week so far?  I hope so (^_^) Mine has started off rather well with today off *woo!* although I'm expecting a rapid decline due to the INSANE amount of hours I'm working over the next three days (someone come save me please!!!)

Today's Monday Must Haves are all about GAMES!  As you may (or may not *grins*) know, I'm a bit of a gamer!  I love playing all sorts of games, ranging from console to board to online (^_^) I'm currently obsessing over DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online) and spent the evening talking with my friend about all the awesome games we used to play as kids - Guess Who? and Buckaroo, anyone?  Here are a few delightful handmade items that are all about bringing out the gamer in everyone!

The Original Nintendo Game Boy Magnet (Pick 1)
I want all of these adorable magnets on my fridge right this moment!  I love that they come in so many different colours; I remember getting a green Gameboy colour for my birthday one year and being so thrilled with it!  I've always been a bit of a Nintendo fangirl and these really made me smile.

Diablo Inspired Mana and Health Potion Earrings with Key Charms PC Video Gamer
♥ For everyone who has ever played any kind of game with magic or hitpoints - SQUEE!  These gorgeous little earrings are so adorable and would make me feel like a *real* cleric (that's my class in DDO) I'd love to have these pretty little potions dangling from my ears; wouldn't they be a fantastic conversation starter?

Bullet Bill  (MAR 3 ) Vintage Scrabble Tile Pendant ..Buy 3 Get 1 Free
Combining two of my favourite games here - Scrabble and Super Mario Bros!  I think this necklace is super cute and it brings back memories of happy (and sometimes frustrating!) hours playing games!  It's completely adorable (^_^)

Wii Video Game Charm Bracelet
This was the ultimate 'oh my gosh I want this I want this I want this' for me this week!  All of these tiny charms are handmade!  I can't imagine how many hours have gone into this gorgeous charm bracelet!  It really is beautiful and the perfect accessory for any stylish gamer-girl!

I hope you've all got a wonderful week planned ahead!  I'm planning on my second vegan day on Thursday (Saturday was a success, woohoo!) and if I've learned one thing so far, it's plan ahead, because you never know *what* isn't vegan friendly (I'm looking at you, vegetarian sausages!) Thank you for stopping by!



  1. I can't believe everything is homemade on that bracelet...that would take so long! And I love those little Gameboys, they would be so simple to make!

  2. That charm bracelet is amazing!I'm not much of a gamer, to my shame I think I have only played about 4 computer games in my life. I should really embrace more modern technology.

    Let me know how the vegan day goes - great great great idea - I think we might have to pinch that x