Friday, January 20, 2012

A Few Things I've Already Learned About Veganism.

♥ It's really, really important to read food labels properly.  Surprising things have animal-related ingredients.

♥ People will look at your lunch and wrinkle their noses when they ask you what it is.  When you tell them, they will look at you even weirder.

♥ Honey comes from bees (I know this is obvious, but...) Don't forget this.  Especially seconds before you're about to spread it on your toast and banana.  It will crush you.

♥ It's important not to get excited over vegan cheese, especially if you love cheese.  I love cheese.  Oh, vegan cheese...You looked so delicious.

{Vegan cheese on toast...Looks the part but...yeesh...not so good!}

♥ Being someone who isn't always vegan, it's (already) easy to think all you can eat is beans and rice.  I found myself getting stuck for recipes on my *second day*.  The internet is awesome for interesting food, like vegan enchiladas.  Those really were delicious.

♥ Creativity is key.  Throw all the vegan things you like together and see what happens.  This can lead to really good things!

♥ Seeds are brilliant for making things a little more interesting or flavourful.  I love seeds (^_^)

Vegan day number 2 was a challenge, since I'd just done a 12-hour shift the day before, an early start that morning and wanted nothing more than to cosy up with a cup of hot chocolate and some dairy cheese on toast when I got home.  But I dug in my heels and remembered this was *meant* to be a challenge; I didn't want something I could complete so easily!  I find I don't tend to eat sweet things on vegan days, since I'm mostly a chocolate fan and we only had dairy chocs in the house.  I tucked into a salad for breakfast (I know, seems weird at half six in the morning but it was really good!  I forget about salad in winter but it's so yummy.) and had a go at vegan cheese on toast for lunch (more of a fail, but an interesting one) followed by enchiladas made with vegan mince and an easy chili-in-a-jar chucked together in some tortilla wraps.  I'm already excited for my next day, I'm thinking about either making a veggie rich soup from scratch or a warm three-bean salad with veggie chicken or tofu.  What d'you think?

Here are a couple of pictures of my first vegan lunch, which I really didn't prepare for and threw together with what I had available on short notice!

{My cobbled together ingredients!}
{My delicious rice, bacon and sesame seed lunch!}
Sometimes, it pays off to go unplanned and be spontaneous!

Hope you're all having a great week!  Thanks so much for stopping by (^_^)



  1. I love how you're actually eating healthy vegan stuff as if you were vegan everyday! If I did the vegan for a day thing, I'd just eat rice with veggies every time! It's interesting to see the creative foods you come up with!

  2. I love this! I've thought of going vegetarian and while I'm not sure if I could, I know I can for at LEAST a little while. Same with vegan-ism! Luckily I'm a hound for knowledge and I have a lot of veggie friends, so I know of at least a few dishes I could whip up. ^_^

    You're doing GREAT, girl!