Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Must Haves #20

Happy Chinese New Year!

It is the Year of the Dragon and as luck would have it, I'm a dragon myself!  Woot woot!  It's super cool 'cause I'm a Leo too, so I'm some kind of bad-ass Dragon-Lion ball of awesome (^_^)

Today's Monday Must Haves is all about celebrating Chinese New Year, supporting handmade and vintage and generally being overwhelmed by all the beautiful things people create and craft, which I hope will make you smile and bring a little fire (see what I did there?) to the start of your week!

The Year of the Dragon New Years Cards Chinese New Year 2012 Set of 10
Absolutely essential for telling everyone you know about Chinese New Year!  I love the style of this card, the colours and how effective the design is against the white background.  This is so pretty; I've lost count of the number of times I've dreamed of having something this gorgeous tattooed on me!

Chinese Lucky Cat Pendant Resin Pendant Picture Pendant Photo Pendant C165S
Who doesn't love a cute cat pendent?  *Especially* when said cute cat is both lucky and pink!  Squee!  This is literally the most adorable thing I've seen in weeks.  I'd love to get one and hang it on my keychain, since I can't wear jewellery at work.  Then I could take a little slice of luck around with me every day (^_^)

Yellow Chinese Paper  Lantern 8" Flowers  Collage
I have seen similar lanterns in a store in my town and I keep meaning to go in there and snap one up before they all disappear!  This is just so pretty, full of colour and would make such a lovely light fixture in a room!  I love anything in bright colours and can see this hanging in my lounge (sorry S, *our* lounge) when we get our place together.

Chinese Dragon Victorian pattern golden dial Pocket Watch locket Necklace
I pretty much can't get over how awesome this is.  Not only does it have a cute dragon on the front *yay for dragons* but behind that little dragon pendent is a fully working 'pocket watch'!  Ahh!  I think I need this! *raids savings*

I hope the start of your week has been brilliant!  I went out for a run this morning and went the furthest and longest I've been so far!  Completely dead at the end of it but feeling *so* proud that I'm pushing myself that little bit extra each time!  I plan on doing some baking over the next week and, of course, I've got my next vegan day coming up on Thursday!  Think I'm going to go with some hearty homemade veggie soup!  Delish!  Thanks for stopping by!


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