Monday, July 02, 2012

Monday Must Haves #24

I am a list-maker.

I {really} like being prepared for things.  Especially things like travelling.  Hence the crazy amount of lists I made whilst organising my impending trip to see S in New Jersey.

{Lotsa listies!}

That's not including the list I made for S's birthday and the itinerary he gave me for my two weeks!  What can I say, I like to keep organised ~grins~

In my otherwise hectic life, I like to be able to check back to lists I've made of things I need to do or buy or whatever, as a way of keeping grounded.  Sometimes when I feel a little overwhelmed and like I'm not sure where to go next, it reassures me that I can have a gander at my 'to-do' list, knock a couple off and get back to normal (^_^)

This week, my Monday Must Haves are dedicated to all the list-makers out there!

Keep Calm Journal Notebook Sketch Book Diary - Keep Calm and Make a List - Ivory

♥ Just...Yes.  I need this.  Pretty much.

Red to Purple Dip pen
And I also need a ~gorgeous~ handmade pen to write in it with.  I'd feel so fancy, writing with a pen you have to dip into a pot of ink (^_^) All of the pens made in this Etsy store are unique pieces and they are so pretty, it'd be writing with a piece of art!

Cat TO DO LIST notepad by boygirlparty, bowtie kitty cat note pad memo list organizer - cat stationery office gift
♥ Well, I love cats.  And this is just beyond adorable.  This would be perfect for those everyday to-do lists, like picking up some groceries or cleaning the oven.  If I had this, I'd love to use it for all the craft projects I keep meaning to start, then forgetting about!  I need to make a crafting to-do list!  But first, I must obtain this lovely notepad!

Sterling Silver Mini Initial Hand Stamped Bucket or Pail Charm Necklace
I've fallen in love with this pendant a little bit - bucket list, anyone?  I've always wanted to write one but it's always seemed such a daunting task for me!  I know it can be an on-going thing that you add to and take away from, but...I think, until I'm ready to sit down and attempt my very own bucket list, a personalised necklace like this would be a joy to wear - and perhaps a little reminder to get it written when I look in the mirror!

I hope you're all having a wonderful Monday and you're looking forward to the week ahead!  I'm so excited - only two more shifts at work to go before my two-week break to see my boy!  Have a wonderful week full of all the things you love (^_^) Thanks for stopping by!


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