Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Mile A Day.

So, I've been thinking; while I walk to and from work every day and I have a pretty active job, when I'm away from work I am sedentary.  And by that, I mean I can sit playing Skyrim for hours on end, or lounge in front of the T.V., or internet.  I figured, because my work day is so hectic, I should take some activity-free days to unwind and relax.

Which is where things tend to go wrong.

When it's time to go back to work, my periods of stillness means my bones ache when I've finished a shift.  Sure, I adapt to the rigours of work pretty quickly, but it's a struggle for at least a day, if not two (particularly if I'm working a 12-hour shift) and I'm tired of being not only achy from work but aching from stillness, too.

While I love kicking back and taking it easy, whiling away a few hours playing video games or watching T.V. or sitting reading, I need to remain active to fight off those back-to-work pains.  So [drum roll] for the month of February (and maybe even after that, who knows!) I am going to walk, cycle or, dare I say it, maybe even run a mile a day.  And that means -every day-.  No matter if I feel like laying in bed all day, or if I've just completed two 12-hour shifts back-to-back, I am going to get that mile done.

This isn't so much about improving my fitness or losing weight but staying active, keeping my body moving and improving my well-being.  I'm kind of excited to start.

Tomorrow.  Today is for Skyrim ^_^

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  1. I so get this! I noticed that when i worked out everyday my work shifts were so much easier, and they also went by faster because I didn't have such a backache!

    1. I'm hoping it'll have a really positive impact and stop me feeling so sore all the time ^_^ Knowing it worked for you is a good sign, fingers crossed it'll work for me too!