Sunday, January 13, 2013


I dreamed today, all day.  About all the things I'd like to happen, the big things and the little things.

In my dream last night, I moved to America.  I packed a suitcase like I was vacationing for a week and just moved.  I don't recall being greeted at the airport by S but we arrived at -our house-, I went up to -our room-, laid on -our bed- and it felt just right.  It made me excited for the potential of what could be, and also a little sad at what I could be leaving behind (I totally bawled in my dream when I said goodbye to my family).  It's a huge thing to consider, and it freaks me out.  Mostly in a good way.

I daydreamed about being creative; I want to bake, draw, sew, knit and fill all my time with making stuff.  
I lusted over pretty baking sets and imagined myself icing gorgeous little cupcakes.

Lakeland Duo Colour Icing Kit
I got stuck in and -almost- finished the first ball of wool for my scarf (did I mention linen stitch takes forever?)
I uploaded a photo of my design to share with you all really soon, and started a little embroidery project based on said design ^_^

I'm dreaming about the future, about days when I won't have to get up at the crack of dawn to work silly shifts in a job I don't like, when I can wake up with S every day, when we can create a future together.  Sundays are perfect for dreaming =)

What are you dreaming about today?  Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Beautiful post!!! I'll be honest, I didn't cry when I left my family in Illinois. I moved here to Utah to move in with Jen, which was really supposed to be just a week with her and her family, meeting her for the first time face-to-face after four/five years together. I just knew... I knew she was my one and only, my home, my future. I still haven't seen my dad again, my mom passed away only about two months later and I've seen my sisters twice. I still haven't cried. To be honest, being with Jen, is home and is my family. I promise you, you and S' dream will happen. <3

    1. Thank you Angie ^_^
      I'm torn between absolute excitement and terror when I think about moving all that way...I know that where S is will be my home, because we'll make it together ^_^ It's amazing to hear about you and Jen making your lives together, it fills me with hope that we will be happy too ^_^