Sunday, May 05, 2013

Time For A '10 Things' Update!

Since it's already May (how is it already May?!) I figured I would have a little look at my '10 Things' list and see if I'm faring better than I did last year.  To be fair though, it really couldn't be that hard because I totes sucked at my goals last year >.<

1. Read 12 books, one for every month - So far, I've actually cracked my way through 8 (yes, eight!) books.  I've rediscovered my love of reading and can't get enough of the wonderful written word.

2. Knit myself a sweater - Not started yet!

3. Try 12 new recipes - I feel like I'm on track with this one.  I've already tried four new things this year and I've got a whole list of recipes I'm keen to try.

4. Reach and maintain 140lbs - Ongoing (read - I haven't weighed myself in about five weeks and have eaten a lot of pastry :p)

5. Visit somewhere new - While I was in the States with S in March, we went to both Massachusetts and Virginia, but I didn't really get the chance to explore very much.  So I've kind of completed this but I'd like to complete it -more-, if that makes sense! 

6. Get a tattoo and/or piercing - Still at the bakery, still no body mods.  Soon!

7. Help out with chores regularly - This one is a little bit iffy.  Since I've been organising my things lately, if anything I've increased the amount of housework >.< I have, however, been helping out with caring for the kitcats a lot more and baking lots of treats ^_^

8. Complete 5 video games - So far, I've completed Bioshock: Infinite.  If you enjoy video games and have played previous Bioshock games, play it.  Just...Play it.  It's better than you could ever imagine it to be.

9. Make donations to 12 different charities - I am -so- on track with this one!  I'm really enjoying not only donating but delving a little deeper into the charities I support, finding out how they work and who or what they help.

10. Have a 'Die Hard' movie marathon - The planning of this is in the works, for reasons I'll tell you soon!

Wow, actually looking at this list, I feel like I've already accomplished a lot this year!  It's such a boost to take a step back and see what I've already done - I feel encouraged to keep going and complete them all!  Do you have goals you want to accomplish this year?  Have you reached them yet or are you still pushing forward?  I'd love to know!  Thanks for stopping by!


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