Monday, July 22, 2013

I'm Finally Here.

Wow.  What a journey.

My Mum and I woke up super early on Wednesday morning to get the 6:13 am train to London.  My brothers and Dad woke up early too, to see my on my way.  It was a little bit emotional but there were lots of smiles too, as I set off on my adventure.

We arrived at the airport and again, there were a few tears as my Mum and I said our farewells, with promises to talk later in the week (thank goodness for Skype!) and lots of hugs.  I waved 'see you later' as I made my way to security, walked through the metal detector and boarded my flight.

Seven hours later, I was here, in the sweltering summer heat (trust me to move in the middle of a heatwave) and I waited for S to get out of work and collect me, to take me to my brand new home.

It has been an excellent first few days.  We've talked so much, I've met my neighbours (who are lovely and friendly) and I've enjoyed some proper solo time.  When S is off at work, it's just me here at home and right now, it's wonderful.  I do a couple of chores, watch a film, play with my new 'cell phone' (I'm not sure I'll ever get used to calling it that) and cook dinner for the both of us.  We hang out, just enjoying each being together, finally.

It's an extraordinary feeling.  After so many hurdles, so much disappointment, we're finally here, together, on the same continent, in the same house.  I'm excited to see what our future holds, where this part of life is going to take us.  But mostly, I'm just concentrating on the now, on being here, with him, in our own little space (which has so many windows!), in our own little world.

And the fact we have a deck kind of seals the deal.

Yay outside space!

I'm planning on moving to another part of the internet soon, once I'm a little bit more settled (and have managed to unpack all my stuff, I didn't realise there was quite so much of it :/ ) but for now, I'd like to say thank you for stopping by and that I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead of you.



  1. I'm so happy and excited for you! Enjoy your alone time and together time!

    1. Thank you Steff! It's amazing to be here, I'm enjoying every second of it :)