Thursday, February 24, 2011

2 Down, 18 To Go!

 In the last three days I've managed to finish two whole books (thank you, power cut!) I absolutely *love* reading but since I left university and started working I drifted away from books.  Only since Christmas, when my brother (who had always disliked reading) got a huge pile of lovely new novels did I remember how awesome it is to sit curled up in a chair with a comfy jumper, a cup of tea and a good read.

For the last two months (literally, two months) I've been battling with 'The God Delusion' by Richard Dawkins.  I'd tried reading it before then but it's a complicated, very involved book and I wasn't ready to give it my full commitment.  Once I got down to it and stuck in, I really enjoyed it; it's an extremely well-written book, insightful and interesting.  The topic it deals with is a little heavy which is why, I think, it's taken me so long to get through.  I'd read a chapter, put the book down and spend time thinking about it and forming my own opinions before continuing on.  There are things written there that I agree with and things that I'm dubious about, but all-in-all I would recommend this novel to everyone, no matter what faith or religion.  It does not set out to convert, but to educate and present an alternative viewpoint.  It would be a breath of fresh air if someone of the opposite opinion could write a novel as well informed and with such clarity as this.

'Last Exit To Brooklyn' by Hubert Selby Jr. was a novel I was introduced to at university by an amazingly inspiring lecturer.  Having finally read it two years later, I can honestly say it is a unique, enthralling and disturbing novel.  I've never read anything like it before, from the style of writing (little use of punctuation, speech running continuously with prose) to the actual content (prostitution, homosexuality, drugs, alcohol, domestic abuse and general violence).  Needless to say, it's not a novel for those who may be easily offended and it's certainly not one to be taken lightly.  This novel drags you straight into the heart of the crazy, unorthodox and frightening world it depicts and refuses to let you go until all its stories have been told.  It's an impressive work which takes patience to get through, beautiful despite its aggression, terror and sadness and one of the most engrossing works of fiction I've read in a very long time.

I've really been caught once again by the reading bug and have already started my third novel (^_^) I'm so pleased that my brother has started reading too, since he's got loads of new books that I can pinch once he's finished with them!  Ooh, exciting news!  The Indie Business course is posting its workbook today!  I'm *so* excited to print it all out and put it all into a spangly new folder!  It's still such an exciting thought, that I'm really taking steps towards a future that feels so right for me (^_^) Hope you're all having an awesome Thursday!  Anyone reading any excellent books at the moment?  Always looking for recommendations!

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  1. Thanks for the recommendations - I need a new book and will have to check these out!