Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Needle And Thread

I have been sewing *so* much over the last two days.  Literally, constant sewing.  My fingers are sore, my eyes are sore, my back is sore...And I've got the biggest smile on my face (^_^) *WHY* didn't anyone introduce me to sewing before?!  I've really caught the sewing bug and I'm *loving* trying out new stitches and sewing different shapes.

I'm still working with parchment and card and am experimenting with different kinds of thread and lots of different colours.  I'm really pleased to say that my blanket stitch has improved *loads* since my last post.  I've been asking everyone if they need bookmarks (everyone needs a bookmark, right?) and have made two so far for myself as practice runs.  I'm sewing a bookmark for my boy's sister who loves everything about Japan (we have so much in common it's scary) so I'm stitching the Japanese symbols for 'love' and 'life' onto a blue and white background with purple thread.  It's coming along pretty nicely and I'm really thrilled that I can see myself progressing with every passing day.  I'm going to sew one for my boy and also one for another friend of mine who is up to his eyes in books at the moment and is using scrap paper to mark his pages!  I'm going to be a busy little bee!

Speaking of busy...

My binder for Indie Business!  Woo!

Indie Business starts on Tuesday!  I'm so excited!  We had our first project yesterday which was to print off our workbooks and decorate our binders.  I can't wait to start working through the book and building up my portfolio, every time I think about taking the course I know I made the right decision and I'm really investing in my future.  I loved spending time making my binder too, I can't remember the last time I spent a whole weekend getting stuck into my craft materials and being really creative and imaginative.  And to round it all off nicely, my boy and I have our date night tonight!  It was my turn to theme it up and I chose 'Inspire' as our theme.  And we're going to make delicious pepperoni sandwiches, which I will have to post one day as they are simply scrumptious (^_^)

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!

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  1. Sweet sweet binder. I'm really looking forward to the course too - it does feel like an important step forwards doesn't it?

    Hope you enjoyed your date night