Monday, February 28, 2011

His Sister's Bookmark

The symbols read 'love' and 'life'
I *finally* got it finished!  It only took me, like, a million hours *chuckles* Really, all in all it probably took me four hours to stitch the characters because I'm ridiculously slow at sewing still.  I backed the symbols onto a dark blue parchment for contrast (and because my boy's sister's favourite colour is blue - that's a bit of a mouthful) and I added a few cloisonn√© beads in matching colours as a 'placer' to hang from the top of the book.  I really hope she likes it (^_^) I showed it to my boy and he thinks she will.  I'm going to send it soon as a little surprise for her, when I send my boy the bookmark I make him too.  It was really fun to make and such good practice, I'm glad I could get stuck into it and just spend hours absorbed in sewing.  It's become one of my favourite things to do, I'm excited to get started on more projects!

So, I'm still not working at the moment (I paid work a little visit today and was told 'maybe next week' which kinda sucks for me) but I did apply for a job in a bakery today!  I'd be making sandwiches and cooking sausage rolls and all manner of delicious things.  Surrounded by yummy food...That's not going to be so good for my weight loss goal!  Ooh, speaking of which - weighed in this morning and there was no change (yay for not gaining!) My poor kitty cat Gizmo had to be put in a cone because she kept pulling at her stitches and is subsequently the most miserable cat in the world.  I'm giving her lots of snuggles but nothing cheers her up.  She just sits, looking at me, laying on my arms or on my keyboard like "Look at me and my misery.  You did this, human.  You."  Only until Thursday, Giz.  Then the stitches are out and you're free!

An incredibly morose cat
 Indie Business officially starts tomorrow, I'm *so* excited for it.  I've been looking on the group page and so many people have made ridiculously awesome binders for their work, I feel so lucky to be working amongst such amazingly talented and creative individuals.  It's going to be epic good (^_^) I can't wait to get started and see where this adventure takes me.  I hope you're all having a cracking good Monday - I get this feeling this week is going to be an awesome one!

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