Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday and Wet Wednesday!

I *love* going thrifting (or charity shopping, as my Mum calls it) and finding lovely little things for a bargain price.  I remember coming home from university and my Mum and I taking a whole day to walk around the charity shops, eat some lunch out and find some beautiful things (and being able to kit out my wardrobe with a whole new outfit for £10) We always used to have such a fun time!  Since my Mum needed to go into town yesterday, we decided that we'd have a thrifty day and see what we could find and I came home with all these lovely things!

I am terribly unlucky with mugs; they always seem to break when I start using them!  I found this beautifully patterned mug which is just the perfect size for a morning coffee or an afternoon tea, I love it!  My new blue shirt is great because it's so long (I have a short body so I need to wear long shirts to give the illusion of length) It has loops on the sides that I'll need to unpick as its original belt is missing.  It's lovely and soft and will be perfect to wear in the summer.  I can never resist books in charity shops, especially ones that are in such good condition as these three!  I've been looking for a copy of 'Last Exit To Brooklyn' for ages so I was thrilled to find it today.  I have a soft spot for Sebastian Faulks novels ('Birdsong' is so beautiful) and 'Trainspotting' is too much of a classic to pass up!

We had the *mother* of all power cuts last night!  Well, that might be a slight exaggeration, but the power was off for hours and when it *did* come back on, it wasn't on full so I couldn't get online and post on my blog *sad face* Today (Wednesday) the power is back on full so I'm able to post and check my e-mails and do all manner of exciting internet things!  It's absolutely pouring with rain today but I braved it with my brother and we went into town again, picking up another couple of books and some new skincare products (I've really been slacking on the whole taking-care-of-my-skin thing recently so I got myself some lovely bits and pieces to kick-start my journey back to beautiful skin!) and coming back home to a steaming mug of coffee and a delicious cheese and pepperoni toastie made me (^_^) <-- like that!  Despite the rain, the power cuts and the general miserableness of the last two days, I'm in a pretty positive mood!  So glad everything is back to normal today!  Now I'm going to go and catch up on all the blogs I follow that I couldn't read yesterday!

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