Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Cakes and Cookies and Rolls, Oh My!

My interview today was a *huge* success!  The area manager was super lovely and asked lots of nice questions which I totally had the answers to (^_^) There are two jobs available at the store in my town, one as a Team Member @ 18 hours p/w (which I applied for) and one as a Senior Team Member (I know, right?) @ 30 hours p/w, which involves some supervisory/managerial work too.  I wasn't sure I'd be suited to the Senior position but the area manager has asked me to come back tomorrow to complete the extended 'Senior Interview' - he thinks I have what it takes!  Woo!  Having a 30 hour week would mean I could quit my unreliable yet easy evening job and devote a set time to my crafting and developing my independent business.  And it would be a much better salary too!  Fingers crossed!

Today is also the start of my 40 day sugar ban and exercise plan and it's been a success *yay* I walked to a from my interview in town which took me 30 minutes (exercise - check) and managed to resist the rows of pretty cakes and tasty looking cookies (those gingerbread so I'm feeling pretty good that this challenge got off to a good start.  I don't know how well I'll do if I'm around all those yummy foods every day though...Must develop a will of steel!

I've been feeling a little "blocked" creatively recently.  I don't know if it's a combination of finding-work stress and planning-trip-and-funds stress and keeping-family-happy stress, but I've found myself sitting and waiting and trying to be creative and simply drawing a blank.  So I dug back into Creativity Bootcamp today (after forever, eep!) and did an exercise called "Morning Pages".  I know the clue is in the name, but I was busy getting prettified for my interview this morning so I set aside some time this afternoon and filled three pages of my notebook with random writings.  Nothing in particular, nothing overly insightful, just pouring out all those clogging thoughts that were impeding new ideas from flowing.  And do you know, I think it helped.  Just walking to my interview and back, I saw so many things that sent creative bells ringing in my head.  I'm thinking about doing this a few times a week to clear away any 'mind-junk' that gathers!  I found it to be a really useful exercise for me (^_^) Hope you're all having a swell Wednesday - it's almost the weekend, yay!

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