Friday, March 11, 2011

A Senior Moment...

Senior as in I got offered the Senior Team Member position!  The interview yesterday went so well that I was offered the job straight away and had to go for my induction today!  I feel so lucky to have been offered the role, since I don't have a great deal of supervisory experience and I was only looking for something part-time.  They must've seen something good in me so now I'll be working a 30-hour week on a pretty darn good salary!

I had to trek it all the way to Chatham which is only actually 21 miles away from where I live but I'm not a driver and had to take the train.  It took nearly two hours as I had to go out towards the sea then come right back inland *such a pain - why doesn't anything go direct any more?* but I made it on time and had a pretty successful day, learning all about the company, what's acceptable and what isn't *and* I also was given an incredibly fetching blue uniform (complete with baseball cap and hairnet...) Lucky me (^_^)

I realised today just how tough working in a bakery is going to be - there's so much to be done, all the time, whether it's cleaning or putting stuff in the oven, serving customers or making sandwiches, I'm going to be one busy bunny.  Not to mention I'm going to need an incredible amount of willpower not to stuff my face with all the scrummy things they make!  During the induction, one of the team members brought up a *huge* platter of cakes and doughnuts, they were calling my name (especially the brand new lemon drizzle doughnut, with lemon icing and a lemon curd centre *sigh*) but I managed to resist and so far am still kicking butt at my 40 day challenge.

I've got my first day of work tomorrow from 10am-5pm, which I don't think is too bad!  I'm hoping not to have any work on Sunday so I can knuckle down to some bookmark-sewing and let my creative juices flow. This has all happened so quickly, I'm still a little bit overwhelmed - this time last week I was essentially unemployed and hoping for a decent job.  Now I've got my 30 hours a week at a solid wage, I've entered the company as a Senior Team Member and all the plans my boy and I have are back on track (^_^) Yay for two totally awesome weeks!  I hope you've all had a wonderful week and have a great weekend ahead of you!

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