Monday, March 07, 2011

I Like Mondays

I have a soft spot for them.  They're a fresh start, the beginning of a whole new week, full of adventures and possibilities.  Mondays are my day for making plans, for looking forward and for getting excited about what's to come.  So far, my week is looking pretty awesome!

 Tuesday is "Shrove Tuesday" here, which is the day before the start of Lent (40 days leading up to Easter) and known in our house as Pancake Day!  I've never been a fan of those big, thin, crêpe-like pancakes that are eaten with sugar and lemon but my Mum makes the most delicious "drop scones" which we have with ice cream - YUM!  I'll be posting about those little beauties tomorrow.
 With Wednesday being the start of Lent, I've decided to set myself a 40 day challenge, from March 9th - April 23rd (Easter Sunday).  I have an *incredible* sweet tooth; I *heart* chocolate and cakes and cookies, all those wonderfully delicious sugary treats.  As a real challenge to myself (and to help me on my way to my 140lbs goal) I'm going to not eat any of those scrummy temptations and commit to 30 minutes of exercise every single day.  Yay for challenges and having a goal!
 Remember that bakery job I applied for?  Well, they've asked me to come in for an interview on Wednesday!  I'm really excited about it and hoping so much that I'll be offered the job!  Even though I have a job at the moment, I'm not getting many hours because there isn't any work.  It'd be really awesome to finally get some proper, scheduled hours every week and to actually earn some money, especially before I head off to America to see my boy.
 Speaking of which, tickets for my plane trip are being bought this week!  I'm *so* excited!!!  I can't wait to finally see my boy again (^_^) It's been *forever* since I last got to actually be with him, we're going to have the most amazing time together (and I'll be there for our official 'One-Year-Anniversary' on My 11th, yay!) The countdown to the States well and truly begins this week!

I hope everyone is having a really great Monday (^_^) What exciting things do you have planned for this week?

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