Thursday, March 24, 2011

What A Week!


I'm on my second of two days off after working for 8 straight days.  I am *beat*.  Every night I get home, sink onto the sofa and don't move for at least an hour, letting my back and feet recover from 7 hours of standing.  My day consists of washing trays covered with sticky icing or flakes of pastry, sweeping the floor clear of crumbs from freshly baked bread and bagging up hot, delicious pasties and cold, creamy cakes to give to flocks of customers who queue all the way out of the shop and into the street.  I'm busy from the moment I get in to the moment the doors are locked for the night.  And, at the moment, I'm absolutely loving it.

The people I work with are wonderful, they're all so helpful and friendly.  The food we sell is absolutely delicious (Sausage rolls to die for!) and the customers are, more often than not, a pleasure to serve.  We have the radio on all day, we talk and laugh while we put things into the oven and pile heaps of doughnuts onto trays.  It's hard work, it leaves me exhausted, but the people there with me make it worth going into work every day.

Sadly, because I've been working so much and getting in pretty late, I've sorely neglected my blog and my crafting and I'm horribly behind with Indie Business *and* my Creativity Bootcamp.  It's not that I've been lacking in creativity, just lacking in the energy to be creative!  I've only been working for a week so I've yet to properly settle into a good enough routine to plan time to work on my creative projects.  I know I'll get there, it's just going to take a little time to get everything into place so I can structure my time better.  Fingers crossed I won't be working another 8 days in a row any time soon!

On a more creative note, my Nan, the star that she is, bought me some wool and some crochet hooks so I can finally give it a try!  I'm so thrilled that I'll be able to have a go, crochet is something I've been desperate to try for ages (^_^) The wool is lovely and soft and alternates light and dark shades of blue, interspersed with white.  It's ever so pretty and I hope I'll be able to make it into something beautiful!  My 40 days of no-sugar is going really well, I've thus far been able to resist temptation even though I'm surrounded by delicious cakes and treats all day at work (^_^) I've also been able to lose some weight and am now 159, woo!  It's only about 6 weeks until I get to see my boy again too!  I'm so excited for the future, I'm so lucky to have everything going just the right way in my life and I'm so grateful for it every day.  I hope my good luck carries on for a while and you're all having a wonderful week so far!

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