Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Must Haves #2

Giant Dwarf // Fancy Felt // Cut To Order // 9 X 12 // 50 Pieces
♥ I *LOVE* this gorgeously gorgeous felt!  Look at all those pretty colours!  Wouldn't it be a dream to make so many beautiful things with?

♥ I desperately need some Sharpies.  They come in every colour under the sun, I hear people raving about them all the time and I am sorely lacking some gorgeous pens.  Pencils I have, but pens...I hear the Sharpies calling to me...

Sexy Purple Change Tone Beach Summer Maxi Long Dress Free Earring Size XS S M L XL
♥ I'm still loving long this week and this maxi dress is gorgeous.  I have a huge soft spot for the colour purple as it is (could you guess?) so this ticks all the boxes for me - long, floaty, summery and super pretty.

Dragonfly  Leather Journal.
♥ I'd love to have a beautiful book like this to put all my little notes and ideas in.  I love dragonflies, especially since they are one of the symbols associated with my favourite band (*so* getting a dragonfly tattooed on me one of these days) This book looks like it would be full of interesting and beautiful things - love it!

my life would suck without you . card / mini print
♥ I know, I know, it's Kelly Clarkson.  But it's true.  (That one's for you, S.  My life would totally suck without you)  What a cute little card to send to someone you love (^_^)

I'm feeling creative today - could you tell from what I picked? (^_^) My boy and I celebrated our 11 month anniversary today, woo!  Go us!  Tomorrow, it'll be three weeks until I get to see him again!  Three whole weeks!  I hope the time absolutely flies so I can see him as soon as possible (^_^) Ooh, I got an 'emergency appointment' at the dentist - I was told the first appointment was mid-May (when I'm not even in the country) but I told the very nice lady on the phone that my tooth was really bad and I really needed it looked at so she slotted me in on Thursday!  Thank you lovely receptionist lady!  I'm hoping this is the first step to pain-free teeth!  Hope you're all having a cracking Monday, full of creativity, fun and general awesomeness (^_^)

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