Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Must Haves #4

Spring is officially here!  Woo!  The cherry blossoms are falling from the trees, dandelion seeds are floating through the air and the sun is out and about in the sky, making everything wonderfully warm (^_^) I'm so glad the winter is behind us now, wow did it feel like a long one! This week I'm celebrating springtime and lusting after everything that screams of the season!


♥ These are *gorgeous*!  I love everything about them, they're so striking and interesting to look at and in such lovely, springtime colours.  I'd love to display these in a window or on a mantle.  Wouldn't it be lovely to have one for every season?


♥ This made me melt with cuteness when I saw it.  What pretty colours!  It's so simple, yet with the layering looks wonderfully complex.  And the flower is detachable too, so you can wear it as a headband or just as a clip by itself.  Genius!


♥ I want one of these in my home.  Really, really badly.


♥ Cutest watercolour *ever*!  Each tiny picture is completely unique, how awesome is that?  Walking around with your own original piece of art around your neck.  The warm tones of the flowers and the brass make me feel like warm spring days and meadows full of wildflowers.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!  Mine was lovely, spending time with my family, eating cakes and chocolate and trifle and tucking into a delicious roast dinner before hanging out and watching 'Inception'.  Although my tooth has been bugging me again *sigh* when will it end?  Fingers crossed this doesn't happen when I'm on holiday!  Have a great week guys!

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