Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Have To Return Some Videotapes

Book #4 of 2011 was the fantastic 'American Psycho' by Bret Easton Ellis. 
I'd seen the movie years ago and loved it; 80s music, dark humour and an incredibly buff Christian Bale =
For the record, I *love* Huey Lewis and the News
While I'm pleased to say that the movie stayed true to the novel for the most part, I'm almost glad it wasn't word for word!  This novel was gory, horrific and somewhat terrifying in its brutality - certainly not for the faint of heart.

Patrick Bateman is expertly constructed as a character; one half professional Wall Street banker with exceptional fashion taste and perfect skin, an intense work-out routine and an understandable disdain for the ignorance of those who surround him; the other half, an utterly psychotic, disgustingly inventive mass-murderer.  Both halves reside in one body, straining against each other in an expensive, materialistic, drug-fuelled yuppie world.

The novel is hilarious - it had me laughing out loud on so many occasions.  Equally, it had my stomach churning and me forcibly gasping.  There are whole chapters dedicated to music, paragraph upon paragraph of clothing descriptions, discussions on how to wear them and what to accessorise with.  Page after page of restaurant reservations and obscenely expensive meals, littered with Platinum AmEx mentions.  There are snide remarks, death threats, long and gruesome descriptions of torturous killings, copious drug use and more than just a little sexually explicit discussion.  This whole combination runs from the sublime to the ridiculous, dull normality and tedium to twisted insanity in the blink of an eye.  It's precisely this which makes 'American Psycho' unputdownable.

So if you're looking for a read that's a little bit different, that'll make you laugh and shock your socks off, I'd thoroughly recommend this book.  I wouldn't advise reading it while eating, though!

Hope you're having a wonderful Thursday!  I've got a killer shift at work tomorrow (6am-6pm...HELP) but thankfully I've got the whole weekend off *woop woop* which I fully intend on using to relax, read and finding some gorgeous yarn to learn to crochet with!  Yay for free weekends!

What have you got planned for yours?


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