Wednesday, June 15, 2011

10 Things And June Goals UPDATE

Since we've reached the middle of the year (and the middle of June, pretty much) I figured now might be a good time to have a look see how I've done with completing the goals I set myself.


Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have looked!

I've still got quite a way to go!  I've read four books so far this year, one being in this month (review to come soon) and I've got a workout and crochet session planned for this week (promise promise) but most of the goals on my '10 Things' list remain thoroughly untouched and abandoned.  There are things I'm currently too lacking in funds to do (hello, knee-high boots and driving lessons), things I keep inadvertently missing (blood donation, I'm looking at you) and things that I'm just about getting around to but not quite (still got 15lbs to go and the ultimate delicious cheese sauce remains sadly out of reach)

But I'm getting there.  And I *will* get there.  With only six months (I say 'only', but cripes will it fly!) left to go of the year, I need to kick myself into action and really nail some of these goals!  I can happily say I've figured out that dresses are my 'thing' (thank you, S.  I know I should've listened before but come on, you always say I look nice), proudly say I've lost over 14lbs already and I'm pretty stoked about pushing myself towards completing my goals!  I think I've taken it pretty easy on myself so far this year, but it's time for things to change; it's my favourite season, I have a fresh start with a new place and my favourite person coming to live here and there are simply too many awesome things to do this year to keep putting them off!  Roll on the next six months!


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