Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I've Been Tagged!

The lovely Angie over at Lariats and Lavender tagged me to do a fun getting-to-know-you post so here goes!

#1 - Do You Think You're Hot?
No, not really *chuckles* I wouldn't say I was hot but I'm not exactly hideous either.  I have my good days and my bad days, times when I think 'hey, everything looks pretty good today' and times when I don't want to face the outside world.  All I know is, S thinks I'm gorgeous and that makes me feel pretty (^_^)

#2 - Upload A Picture Or Wallpaper You're Using At The Moment
This is a picture I took when I was over in the States and S took me to Central Park.  It was a gorgeous day, we'd just had a scrumptious lunch and it was the perfect time to lay down on the grass and take it easy.  We snuggled up together, along with so many other couples and families in the park and I just loved the way the light looked coming through the trees so I snapped a little reminder of our lovely day!

#3 - When Was The Last Time You Ate Chicken?
That would be Sunday!  My Dad cooks an amazing roast dinner every Sunday, with roast potatoes, a mountain of veggies and deliciously succulent meat!  It varies from week to week what meat we have but it's usually chicken with sage and onion stuffing and it's epic good!  It's really important to us as a family that we sit down together and eat our meals round the table and that's something I'd love to continue with my own family.

#4 - The Song(s) You Listened To Recently
♥ The Essential Collection by Hall and Oates - I love 80s music and this duo are amazingly good - I'm currently loving 'Method of Modern Love', go listen!
♥ The two Three Days Grace albums I own (Three Days Grace and One X) - I'm a little bit on love with the lead singer, he has an incredible voice and is rather easy on the eyes too!
♥ 'Hey, Soul Sister' by Train - this song is always on my playlist, it reminds me of all the times me and S have spent together (^_^)

#5 - What Were You Thinking When You Were Doing This?
I'd best go get my coffee soon or it'll go cold
Wow, that music video is awesomely 80s!
Must groom Gizmo and get all that junk out of her fur
I'm so pleased I don't have to go to work today, woo!

#6 - Do You Have Nicknames?  What Are They?
My one nickname is Ace (^_^) S calls me it; in fact, the very first time we ever spoke he decided that was my nickname.  When I asked him why, he said 'Because I think you're ace' (cue mushy aww sounds!) and it's stuck!  It's the only proper nickname I've ever had and I love it (^_^) I'm even going to get a tattoo with 'A' and 'S' entwined for me and my boy!  Excited!

Thanks for stopping by and reading and thank you again Angie for tagging me for this post!  Hope you're all having an awesome day!


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