Sunday, August 14, 2011

Not Long Now!

It's my birthday this coming Friday and I am *so* excited!

I'm going to be a whole 23 years old and I am thrilled to be starting my 23rd year of life in such a good place (^_^)

This time last year, things weren't so good; I've always had all the support in the world from S and my family but I was really in a rut.  I didn't have a job and finding one seemed impossible.  I was facing months and months of waiting before seeing S again and everything looked very bleak and miserable.

Of course, I found a good, steady job with lovely colleagues, am planning to start my own business when I'm good and ready and still have all the support in the world from S and my family.  I look back to where I was a year ago and I almost don't feel like the same person.  I was so unhappy then, feeling useless, unemployable, with no motivation.

Now I see the brightest future I can make for myself, with my gorgeous boy, my wonderful friends and my amazing family.

And to top it all off, my parents bought me a gift card for this awesome store called 'Paperchase' which sells stationary, craft stuff and all things pen-/pencil-/card-shaped!  It's a dream for someone like me, who loves everything to do with stationary!

I've got so many exciting things coming up soon; my boy and I have been talking about an incredible move across countries, I've got loads of crafty ideas that I need to get involved with so I can show you all and I'm *hopefully* paying a visit to the other side of the pond next month!  Things are really looking good (^_^)

I hope you're all having an amazing Sunday and taking it really easy, just like I am!


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  1. Yay! I love looking back in time and realizing that even though I may have been in a situation I though I could never get out of, things do improve! Happy early birthday!!