Thursday, September 01, 2011

Hello September!

I can't believe it's September already!  It really feels like this year is just whizzing by!

I've had a look at my '10 Things' list and I'm *really* not pushing myself through it!  I'm about halfway through my 20 books list but the rest is just sitting there, not getting done.  So I'm determined to get at least three things on my list done *this month*.

I've been really slacking on my weight loss goal too; if you remember, when I started working in the bakery I had given up sugar for Lent and was managing to steadily lose weight.  After that finished, I started tucking into sweet things again and, well, I haven't stopped!  So all the weight I lost has gone back on *sad face* The worst part is, I ordered myself a gorgeous Coheed and Cambria t-shirt in my usual size and it's really tight so I can't wear it *wails* So my weight loss goal for this month is to be able to wear my Coheed tee on October 1st and for it to fit me like it should!

I'm excited about the start of this month; I'm determined to push myself forward and start working on my goals again, as I've let them slide the last few months.  I'm also excited for my brother's 18th birthday (I can't believe he's so old now!) and for getting paperwork together to send for S's visa application!  We're really hoping we can get things worked out so he can be here for Christmas - wouldn't that be awesome?

I hope you're all enjoying a glorious September 1st and have lots of super exciting things planned for this month!


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  1. Happy September, missy!!! I know how you feel - I've been kicking around my weight lose goal. This month, my goal is to lose 10lbs. Sounds easy, and simple, so here goes! *fingers crossed*

    Lemme know if you need any inspiration! We could chat on GChat/GMail! ^_^