Saturday, September 03, 2011



Stop telling me not to push for my dreams.  I kinda want them to come true and your song depresses me.  I do not need to be any more fed up when I'm at work.

Woman Who Shouts Her Order From The Door,

Just...just stop it.  Leave your dog outside, come in and talk to me at the counter.  I don't get paid to be yelled at like that.  The title 'Sales Assistant' does not also read 'Servant'.

People Who Are Mean To Their Kids In The Queue,

We can hear everything you're saying and see what you're doing.  Don't be surprised if they move away and you end up old and alone; no-one will blame them.

Lady Who Can't Wait Three Minutes For Sausage Rolls,

I don't need your life story.  You don't want to wait?  Don't wait.  But don't have a go at me because they're not ready.  We do the best we can.  I'd like to see you work here for a day.

Manager Of My Bakery,

Smile more.  Lighten up.  Stop being mean.
Oh, and be aware I'm making a note of everything you're doing wrong.
I think we get on pretty well, but next time you "casually mention" something I've overlooked, I'm pulling out The List.  It's pretty long.
I *will* stand up to you, even if no-one else does.

You know how, sometimes, it's just one of those weeks?

It's my brother's 18th birthday today so we're kicking back and taking it easy together (^_^) I can't believe my little brother is all grown up!  I know that sounds terribly patronizing but it's so true!  I can't wait to tuck into a slice (only a tiny one, promise!) of his delicious chocolate birthday cake, om nom!

I hope you all had a good week (better than mine, at least!) and are currently having a fab weekend (^_^)


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  1. Oh girly, I hear ya. Especially the people who can't wait a hot minute. When I was cashiering, I had so many people like that - though one really surprised me. She had a cart full of stuff, I'm ringing her up and she goes "Can you go faster?! I have my dog in the car and it's hot outside!" I felt like saying "Well, idiot, you have a whole cart full of stuff - so you made your dog suffer THAT long. Why bring him in the first place?!" etc., etc. ANNOYING.

    Same with the people who are mean to their kids AND the manager. I did the same thing, wrote down what my manager was doing wrong. Got him fired. :P

    Happy birthday to your little bro from Jen and I! Y'all have a fabulous day!!! (I'll be e-mailing you back soon! ^_^)