Wednesday, September 07, 2011

I Took A Trip To My Nan's House...

...and came back laden with craft stuff!

My Nan has been crafting for years, anything from knitting jumpers and cardigans to card making to baking; she's always been hands-on, homemade, totally awesome.
In the last few years, it's become increasingly difficult for her to continue with her creativity; she's in her 80s now and finds it a bit too fiddly to do.  It really saddens me, as we used to spend time together crafting and it's something we can't do together any more.

She has a room in her house specially dedicated to all her craft supplies and it's like a magical treasure trove; I could sit in there all day looking through all the card stock, stickers, rub-ons, ribbons, tools, stamps...It's so easy for me to spend hours in there and wonder where all the time went!

I've talked to my Nan about my hopes for the future, about wanting to use my crafting as more than just a hobby and she's happily let me use her supplies through the years.  Now she's decided to make some room in there for things like her mobility aids and here I come to the rescue by happily relieving her of a few things she doesn't use any more.  I know, I'm an angel, right?

{Guillotine & Light Box}
I've wanted a light box for *yonks* but every time I go to buy one I could never find one that wasn't obscenely expensive!  I plan to use this for lots of embossing work (which I've never done before but really like the idea of) As for the guillotine - I am a girl who finds cutting straight lines very, very hard.  I think I'm a bit wonky since I always look at the wrong side of the line so this will help gazillions!

{Glitter & Sewing Kit}
Let's face it, who doesn't love Martha Stewart craft supplies?  They always come in pretty packaging and lovely colours so I simply couldn't resist these gorgeous, iridescent stars and hearts.  And hello, 100 spools of thread in 50 different colours!  Colours make me happy (^_^) 

{Skeleton Leaves, Handmade Paper & Acetate}
Skeleton leaves are quite possibly the prettiest things in the world.
I love the texture of this handmade paper, it's all crumply and gorgeous.  The acetate got me inspired to try out shaker cards, which I think will be especially awesome with the lovely glitter above!

So, as you've probably guessed, I'm having a great day (^_^) Hope you're all having a smashing day too!


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  1. Grandma's are the best! I love going to mine because like yours, she always gives me stuff to take home! usually it's things like gluten free bread, zucchini, blankets...but hey, I still love it!