Friday, September 21, 2012

Glasses, Coheed and Serious Boot Lust!

I picked up my new spectacles from the opticians today.

And I rejoiced that it was finally chilly enough to wear my favourite sweater.  You know, the only one I ever seem to be wearing; every time I get the urge to post a picture on my blog, I'm wearing this little red thrifted beauty.

Anyway, I know what you're thinking.  New glasses?  Those look exactly the same as the last pair!  You're not far wrong - I decided a couple of years back that this was the shape and style that suited me best, that felt the most comfortable.  My old glasses were dark blue with a green inside.  These new glasses are dark brown with, you guessed it, a green inside!  They are super comfortable, although when I put them on my vision went all blurry because the strength of the lenses has been significantly increased {yay for going blinder...-sigh-} It's easier to see now, everything is wonderfully clear (^_^)

My favourite ever band, Coheed and Cambria, are coming out with a new album next month [part one of two, woohoo!] and because I'm a huge fangirl and ordered the limited edition deluxe boxset on the day it came out (which means I get a certificate signed by the band and my name in it!) I ~also~ get access to the latest releases, behind the scenes dealies and lots of lovely stuff.  So imagine my delight when I not only found out that Coheed had released their first single from this album, but I could download it too!  And lemme tell you...I'm addicted to this band and to the lead singer's voice.  Here is the Youtube video so you can have a listen:

Love love love.

I've been really, really wanting a pair of ankle boots lately.  I've got cute flats and a couple of pairs of knee-high boots that I adore but nothing sort of inbetween-y that would be perfect for autumn.  I want something really flexible; I want to wear them with skirts, dresses and tucked in skinny jeans, I want them to be waterproof -and- I want them to be easy to get on and off {go zips!}  Here are a few of the boots I've been looking at and seriously wanting.



Boots & Booties - Lady in Rad Boot in Aqua

Okay, so the last pair aren't exactly waterproof but look how pretty they are!  If they were black, leather and in my size I would snap those beauties up!

I hope you're all having a great week and looking forward to your weekends!  Fingers crossed I've actually got most of Saturday -and- Sunday away from work, which would be my first ~mostly~ free weekend since my holiday in July...Yikes.  Thanks for stopping by!


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