Monday, September 17, 2012

It's Been A Looooooong Time.

Oh guys.  It feels like I blink and all of a sudden a whole month has gone by without me posting!  I've been horribly busy, in lots of very bad ways.  Namely, trying to figure out all the messes that are happening at work lately {bad times indeed} and looking for alternative employment so I escape horror job.  It's a real shame - it was so awesome working there at first ~sad~

Anyway!  I have been working on a few things during the month that I was absent.  I've been learning how to knit and made my very first scarf (!) which doesn't have any really obvious flaws (!!) and I'm giving it as a gift to one of my colleagues who has a birthday this week.  I also crocheted my lovely brother, D, a hat to wear to college (he's studying engineering and has to keep his long hair tucked out of the way while in the workroom!) I've been doodling a lot, having bought a delightful little doodle-book with a gift card I got from my other brother, W, for my birthday.  Oh yes, I had my birthday, too!  I'm now a whole 24 years old (meep!) and am planning on making a '24 before 25' list...Even though I'm nearly a month into being 24 already...Better late than never, right?

Things are still a little slow on the S and I being together front but we're working on it.  We talk less now during the week because more often than not I'm working 12-hour days and I'm not really in the mood for staring at a computer screen afterwards, even if I -am- looking at his pretty face.  I've been doing my best to eat better and get some exercise in, aiming for 30 minutes at least four times a week.  I hurt my back over the weekend so I took it really easy with my cycling today and my brother, W, who just happens to be really into physical fitness right now, showed me some cool exercises that will help me strengthen my core, which in turn will help in supporting my spine and hopefully ease the trouble I've been having with my back!

I'm really excited for the next few months; Christmas is coming (I know, I know, but I like to start planning early!), as is Halloween and Bonfire Night; I've been working on some little designs and drawings that I'm looking forward to sharing once they're all finished; I've got a whole bunch of recipes that I'm -so- psyched to try out {I just need some extra hours in the day, please!}

I've been keeping up with all of the blogs that I read and just want to say that you're all so fantastic, it's a joy to follow along with the things that are happening in your worlds!  And thank you to those of you who've stopped by to see what's going on in mine.  I'm going to make a bigger effort to be more present here, because documenting the interesting, awesome things in my life was what I intended this little blog for.

Have a brilliant week!


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